About Us

We exist and strive to provide with unparalleled dedication, communications & tracking means that allow effective security, cost saving and competitive advantage in today's global business environment.

Utrack Africa Limited is a dynamic leader in the distribution of GPS fleet management products and services. Our company was established in 2001 by Zulfikar (Zully) Mohamed, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and later joined by partners who are pioneers in the industry for better support and achievements.

The company was once a division of Radiowave Communications Ltd but later turned into a company of its own. As a supplier of fleet management and vehicle tracking technology to businesses and individuals in Eastern Africa, Utrack Africa serves government departments, transportation companies, the tourism industry, NGOs, Ports Authorities as well as smaller local and regional companies.

Our highly trained team of professionals will go above and beyond the sale to ensure your satisfaction with our products and services. Our goal is to improve your bottom line.

With a complete line of fleet management & cargo tracking systems, we are able to offer a consultative approach to our future customers. 

Our Vision is to become the leading tracking, information, communication solutions provider in Eastern Africa thus delivering excellent quality services and total control solutions to the community.

We take companies through a process called Score Carding. During the initial meeting, our account managers ask questions about your business to learn how it operates and where you may have opportunities for improvement (fleet, risk management, safety, human resources etc). 

We then match the information to the right GPS system for the lowest investment. We are also listening for information that will help us identify other areas for return on investment not obvious to new users. As the GPS industry consolidates, companies that provide good products and good service will rise to the top. Utrack Africa has invested heavily in technology, training, and personnel to provide the best customer experience and service available

Our technical support department provides a mix of network administration skills, project management abilities, electronics repair, training, and management. our internal advanced network architecture includes servers onsite with several terabytes of storage for internal systems, data hosting, and testing.

Solutions & Services

In order for us to serve you better and provide the best products and solutions, we have partnered with various solution providers. Below are our major partners: 

Partner & Suppliers
Partner & Suppliers
Partner & Suppliers

Our products and solutions are customized to suit your specific requirements. We sit down with our clients and come up with the best solution depending on their needs. These solutions are categorized as follows: