Tanker Monitoring

The Tanker Monitoring TM-1 is a solution customized for Fuel transporters who need to monitor their Fuel Tankers and impose security measures over the fuel while in transit. It is a specialized custom made design of our UT-100 Advanced tracking devise integrated with sensors mounted firmly and securely on every Tanker hatch and Valve with rugged cabling under ISO Standards and Fuel transportation safety standards.

From the moment the Fuel or any other cargo is loaded on the Tanker, TM-1 will monitor all movements and events of the tanker, any breach or temper of the tanker will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS and email in form of a report with location and time.

With our Web application tool, you will be able to pinpoint exactly how many times the valve or hatch was opened with location and time by using a sophisticated GPS navigation system interconnected with the unit. Our user-friendly Report Generator feature will enable you to generate the exact report you require for every trip or for up to 6 months.


  • ☑ GPS real time tracking
  • ☑ Reports of speed, location, routes, time, SOS, etc
  • ☑ Emergency Button which sends sms to allocated cell number
  • ☑ Multiple Geo-fencing
  • ☑ Voice monitoring
  • ☑ Remotely power cut control
  • ☑ Remote door open/close
  • ☑ Remote open/close GPRS
  • ☑ Remote oil cut control
  • ☑ Remote set speed limits
  • ☑ Remote/on side set Geofences
  • ☑ Lower voltage alert
  • ☑ Ultrasonic alarm
  • ☑ Vibration alarm
  • ☑ Main power disconnection
  • ☑ Geofence alarm by sms
  • ☑ Drag alarm
  • ☑ Stolen alarm
  • ☑ Carjacking alarm
  • ☑ Door open alarm
  • ☑ Vehicle igniting
  • ☑ Over speeding
  • ☑ Backup battery (main truck battery) disconnected
  • ☑ Memory storage on area where there is no GPRS Signal up to 48hours
  • ☑ Last location display when GPRS disconnected
  • ☑ Speeding report