Generator Management

Smart Solutions for Remote Generator Management

Remote Management & Analysis Benefits:

  • ☑ Increase Operational Uptime
  •  Reduce/eliminate failures of Mission Critical Equipment
  • ☑ Reduce Operational Expenses (fuel, maintenance, spare parts, etc)
  • ☑ Reduce Capital Expenses by increasing generators’ life cycle

If you answered YES on at least one of the above questions, then Utrack’s System for Generators Management & Analysis is the perfect solution for you.

Robust M2M 24/7 monitoring solution: Our cost-effective solution is suited to all major brands of generators. The solution enables accurate Fuel Monitoring and Theft Prevention, Events And Alarm Management, Real Time Location, Maintenance, Diagnostic Information from Control Panel and more.

Fuel Monitoring & Management: One of the primary concerns when using diesel generators revolves around fuel theft and fuel fraud. Detecting theft and fraud requires reliable and accurate monitoring. Utilizing highly accurate fuel sensors and the Corona’s fuel theft algorithm, Users can identify fuel theft as it happens. Utrack’s solution has a proven experience in detecting fuel theft and fuel frauds as well as reducing fuel trips to the minimum required. Utrack’s solution enables the user to get accurate fuel consumption rate and detailed fuel usage data.

Generator Maintenance & Alerts: Utrack believes in prevention instead of reaction. Utrack’s solution enables to prevent faults and malfunctions by monitoring the generator’s running hours, fuel consumptions, battery level, engine parameters through engine control panel (RPM, coolant temp.., oil pressure, etc) and maintenance alerts (services, check-ups, warranty, etc). Utrack’s solution enables the user to set any threshold on any parameter in order to get preventive notifications.

Generator Site Security & Safety: Utrack offers state of the art security solution for generator sites. Solution includes 24/7 high quality DVR based CCTV surveillance system, sophiscated access control system, remote stop/activation, remote siren activation, intrusion alerts, motion detectors and panic button. DVR and cameras can be used for live video streaming or still camera snapshots triggered by motion detection or configurable events.


Your Expenses Before & After using Utrack’s Solution


This is a leading end-to-end solution/application for remote assets performance monitoring. ZON MAX enables signifi­cant operational cost reduction, improved customer service, and safety operations.

WebZON™ is designed to provide user access from every web browser and is accessible from all devices- PC, Mac, Tablets and more. Our Web-based application is created to provide out clients with an ease of use and flexibility.

OTOTO/iOTOTO is an intuitive application for smartphones, enabling end users to easily track and monitor their fleet or vehicle as well as get real-time alerts on the go.