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One of our staff members parked his motorbike outside Mapato House (TRA) on 10th April, 2014 in Dar es Salaam at around 9am. He had gone in for a meeting that lasted for about an hour. After the meeting, he proceeded to where he had left his bike only to find it missing. He proceeded to the police station where he filed a report for the missing motorbike and he was served with the necessary documents. He then proceeded to his office where he reported the matter to his supervisor.

The supervisor informed him that the bike had been fitted with one of Utrack’s tracking systems and that he should immediately contact Utrack’s Control Room to get the motorbikes’s whereabouts. The Utrack Control Room team, using Utrack’s Advanced Fleet Management System, located the motorbike which was at the time heading towards Mbagala but later made a stop in Charambe area.

He went back to the police station armed with the information he had acquired from the Utrack Control Room. He was promptly given five officers who then escorted him to Charambe area where they found the motorbike parked outside a residential house.

The police officers took statements from the people around and found out that the culprits, two men, had abandoned the motorbike and swiftly made their escape. The matter is still under investigation and we hope that the culprits will be brought to justice. The whole process from the time the bike was reported stolen to the time it was recovered took less than 5 hours

The motorbike was recovered due to the reliability of the tracking system provided by Utrack Africa Limited and the prompt action from the police officers. We thank all our esteemed clients for trusting our systems and solutions.


Utrack's Bike Tracker

Major benefits:

  • Quick recovery in the event of theft.
  • Enhanced security for the Motorcycles.
  • Quick identification of Misuse for personal work.
  • Quick identification of unauthorized use outside permitted working hours and areas.
  • Continuous vision of the assets location at all times.
  • Reduced Maintenance and Operational expenses from better usage of the Bike.
  • Longer life span of the Bike.
  • Quicker response to emergencies due to GPS Location accuracy.
  • Reduced risk for Financed Bikes for Asset Financiers as the Asset is under constant watch.

With our Bike Tracker you are guaranteed to experience the full benefits every bike owner should enjoy!