Over the years the price of fuel has sky rocketed and every fleet owner wants to find a way to effectively manage his/her fleet's fuel consumption to save up on the fuel expenses. Fuel Management Systems or simply FMS, are typically used in the management, control and monitoring of fuel consumption.

The Fuel Management Systems are flexible in that they can basically be used by any vehicle that requires fuel to operate. This means that whatever the composition of your fleet is, you can use the FMS to effectively control & monitor the fuel usage. 

Reasons for using FMS

  • Fuel fraud/ theft: this is when you suspect you're losing fuel through theft or fraud e.g siphoning 
  • When you are unable to keep track of the fuel consumed/used by each of your vehicles
  • When your current system of managing fuel consumption of your vehicle isn't giving you any useful output such as helpful reports
  • When you feel you're spending too much money on fuel
  • When you feel like your fleet drivers aren't giving you the correct information concerning your fleet. 

Advantages/Benefits of using FMS

  • You get better management and control of fuel consumption
  • You're able to get improved accountability of fuel consumption and usage
  • Your fleet is well maintained and managed
  • There's improved fleet security.
  • Quick return on investment
  • Quick and easy identification of vehicle misuse
  • Reduction on maintenance and other operational expenses

Better control and management of fuel usage is important and necessary for any fleet owner who wants to get a greater ROI in his/her respective line of business. Utrack Africa recognizes this and that is why we introduced the FUEL PRO solution to help fleet owners get total control and management of their fleet's fuel consumption. 

Download our Fuel Pro Brochure for more info: