Olympia Tracking is new sophisticated Android application & companion for the Fleet Advanced solution! The application is readily available for download on the Google Play Store at absolutely no extra cost to the users. 


  • Go to the Android App Store (Google Play) or iOS App Store (iTunes App Store) and search for "Olympia Tracking". Once you get the right application, select it to install. Ensure that the App has been successfully installed.


Utilizing the Olympia Tracking Application

  • Once the App has been installed successfully, you can now start using it. The application works in the same way on both Android and iOS. Launch the App by clicking on the icon. You'll be presented with a login screen where you must enter a genuine username and password and the click on "Sign in"

login-screen  logging-in

  • Once your credentials have been verified by the App, you'll be redirected to the home screen which will show you a list of vehicles under your account. To get details of a particular vehicle in your fleet, select it from the list presented.

list-of-vehicles-being-tracked  list-of-vehicles-being-tracked-notifications-on

Note: The bell-icon on the right of each vehicle allows you to turn on/off the notifications of that particular vehicle

  • Once you have selected the vehicle you want to view, you'll be presented with a map showing the current location of the vehicle. You can change between map view and satellite depending on your preference.

tracked-unit-on-google-map-view  tracked-unit-on-google-satellite-view

  • Still on the map, you can click on the vehicle icon on the map to get more details of that particular vehicle.

tracked-unit-on-google-map-satellite-view-with-description  tracked-vehicle-details 

Settings & Notifications

  • Earlier we had mentioned that you can choose to turn on/off notifications for any vehicle in your fleet. You can also choose the type of notifications to receive in your App's inbox. This can be done from the settings and once you're done setting up your preferences then you'll start receiving the necessary notifications. 

olympia-tracking-app-settings  helios-notifications