The revised ECTS rollout plan was released on the 8th July, 2014 by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). The ECTS was initially supposed to be rolled out to Tunduma on 1st August, 2013 but was postponed because:

  1.  The required level of devices stock for Tunduma Border was not reached
  2. There was a general lack of Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) validation of the intrinsic safety certification for application of the devices on road tankers

TBS has since then validated the intrinsic safety certificates for Utrack's ECTS devices and the level of devices stock in the country has greatly increased since last year.

Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) Revised Roll Out Plan As Of 1st July 2014

1 Dar es Salaam - Kasumulu Dry cargo, IT and Wet 2nd July, 2012 Done
2 Dar es Salaam - Kabanga Dry cargo and IT 21st January, 2013 Done
3 Dar es Salaam - Rusumo Dry cargo and IT 22nd April, 2013 Done
4 Dar es Salaam - Mutukula Dry cargo and IT 1st January, 2014 Done
5 Dar es Salaam - Tunduma Dry cargo and ITs starting with few companies as pilot before full roll out on 1st October 2014 14th July, 2014  
6 All routes Wet Cargo 16th July, 2014  
7 Dar es Salaam - Tunduma Dry cargo and IT for remaining companies 1st September, 2014  
8 Inbound transit from Kasumulu, Tunduma, Mutukula, Rusumo and Kabanga terminating to Dsm Wharf All types of cargo 1st November, 2014  
9 All other remaining routes All types of cargo 1st January, 2015  


Utrack Africa has been confirmed by TBS for the Intrinsically Safe Seals for Petroleum Tankers in the TRA ECTS Project.