The Telematics technology is widely used to reduce fuel costs, enforce policies and modify driver behavior thus giving a competitive advantage to businesses and companies that embrace and implement the technology.

What is "Telematics"?

The word "Telematics" is derived from Telecommunications and Informatics. It involves integrating telecommunications with information technology hence resulting in the sending, receiving and storing of any information that relates to your asset (vehicle, machine etc) through a telecommunications device. Think of a device that merges or combines Telecommunications and Informatics hence enabling wireless data communications between your vehicle and the outside world (e.g. via a computer or mobile phone).

A lot of useful information is provided by Telematics such as the location, movement, and condition of your vehicle. At the end of the day it helps you, the user, to answer questions that would have otherwise been very difficult to answer. Question like:

  • Where is/was my vehicle now?
  • Is my vehicle moving or just idling?
  • Was it shut down and if yes, when?
  • Is my vehicle overspeeding?


How it works

A Telematics device installed in your vehicle communicates by sending data to a third party (usually a mobile phone or computer) via Satellite and then, using special software installed in the third party device/system, this data is collected, stored and analyzed.

The information can then be used to take certain actions or make certain adjustments to the vehicles accordingly. For instance, you can get information about how your driver handles the vehicle then using that information you can adjust the vehicle so that it is best suited to the way that particular driver handles that particular vehicle.



 A person using Telematics will enjoy the following benefits (among many others) in the long run:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced unauthorized use of his/her vehicle
  • Increased safety of his/her vehicle (s)
  • Improved customer service in cases of commercial vehicles
  • Reduced fraudulent activities e.g. Fuel theft
  • Reduced downtimes of fleet operations

The Telematics technology is rapidly changing and improving every day and with time, more and more functions shall be added to the already several functions being currently utilized.



Our Solutions

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