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When moving perishable goods over long distances, it’s absolutely vital that those good are moved as quickly as possible while in tightly-controlled conditions. This is why countless companies rely on refrigerated trucks to transport perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables, ice cream, and frozen food.

Improper temperature control is a key reason why food and other perishable cargo are wasted in the supply chain. Smart transportation companies understand the value of reliable cold chain monitoring and delivering properly cooled food and pharmaceuticals to customers. Aside from the financial costs of improper cargo temperature control, today's regulatory climate demands that refrigerated assets be monitored and controlled in real time.

Utrack refrigerator solution records temperature and other data from the operation of the refrigeration unit and are suitable for all kinds of vehicles, from small vans up to semi-trailers. Combined with a GPS tracker temperature sensor recorder allows for remote control and data monitoring of refrigerator.


Key Features

Real-time Tracking
Always know where your vehicles are and be in control with detailed information at your fingertips. Live information on vehicle location, fuel level, drivers hours remaining, refrigeration unit status and more data points are available with a single click.

One of the biggest worries with any shipment of perishable or frozen goods is that the refrigeration in the truck may fail, causing a loss of all product in the shipment.

The issue is that, unless the driver is constantly stopping the vehicle once every couple of hours to get out of the cab and into the refrigeration unit to check the temperature, it’s all too easy for a refrigeration failure to go undetected long enough for the cargo to spoil.

Our GPS tracking for refrigerated trucks can help alleviate this worry. Specially designed GPS trackers for refrigeration trucks can include special capabilities such as temperature monitoring, which is incredibly useful for detecting a refrigeration failure straight away.

Monitoring Refrigerator and Compartment Door Status
Temperature monitoring can be linked with the refrigerator's status and the position of the compartment door. If the refrigerator is left on at a delivery site with the door open, the blower will force cold air out while warm air is sucked in from the outside.

This situation not only causes the refrigeration unit to work much harder, product safety may be jeopardized. Managers alerted to this situation can handle it remotely by alerting the driver immediately to the situation.

Mileage Information
This is automatically recorded by our telematics device in order to record a detailed mileage log. In our platform, you can generate reports based on mileage per selected period. The mileage dashboard shows you mileage information per driver, vehicle or fleet at a glance.

Route/Detour Planning
When dealing with long-distance cargo delivery routes, it isn’t always possible to anticipate every instance of road construction, traffic accidents, and other random events that can cause traffic to come to a grinding halt.

GPS tracking for fleet vehicles can make it easier to change a truck’s path once it encounters heavy traffic, allowing you to reroute the vehicle along roads that are less congested so that delays are minimized. This helps keep trucks on-schedule for deliveries of highly perishable goods, maximizing their saleable shelf life.
Maintenance Reminders
Utrack offers a very reliable maintenance reminder platform that can be used to track maintenance events for any and all kinds of vehicles. This feature can be set up to automatically remind you on all individual maintenance events for your entire fleet, regardless of their particular make, model, and size. However, even instances such as a vehicle registration can be something you need to be reminded on in order to maintain a vehicle’s ability to legally operate on the road. These events are important to daily operations of any sized fleet, and cannot be ignored by any means.

Temperature Alerts & Monitoring

Real-time temperature value is shown in a unit tooltip. Our easy to use Temperature alert controls allow you to get notification for the temperature change. The device also monitors runtime so you can use our maintenance module to schedule service by days or hours. We don’t delete data, so if you need historic temperature information, we have it.

Geofencing by Corridor (Route Boundaries)
Geofencing lets fleet managers define boundaries along a path and get alerts when trucks leave the defined area. Delays in shipment can be disastrous for perishable products. When drivers go off-route without cause, it can easily lead to them getting lost on back roads and getting delayed. Geofencing by corridor is a fleet tracking feature that allows companies to set a defined boundary along a path in which their vehicles operate. If a vehicle leaves that area, an alert is immediately generated and sent via e-mail or text message. This feature is often used to keep drivers on-task.

i) Timely Arrival and Departure from Work Sites: Geofencing takes the place of time cards, as fleet managers are alerted when drivers arrive at a job site and begin work. With refrigerated cargo, timing is everything.

ii) Keeping Drivers on Task: Geofence stipulate a course for drivers that they can visit during working hours. Any deviations, from the fenced area, prompt an alert to the fleet manager detailing the distance traveled and length of time spent outside the allowed perimeter.

Fuel Monitoring
Our Utrack tracking system you will get a precise data on time and location of a refrigerator turning on/off throughout the trip. This information allows to check, for instance, whether a driver shut down the refrigerator for fuel saving. Fuel management system is based on data available from onboard computer or after-market fuel level sensors, installed in the fuel tank of a truck. Data transferred to tracking system allows to detect fuel thefts or unreasonably large fuel burn, thus helping to find ways to save it.


Temperature Monitoring: Refrigerated trucks are typically set at a desired temperature, but there are several factors that can adversely impact the temperature. GPS tracking systems, linked with temperature monitoring systems, allow the dispatcher to remotely monitor the state of the refrigerated unit at all times, from the instant the driver sets the unit up all the way to delivery.
Temperature data provides detailed, minute-by-minute information about the reefer’s temperature, and since it is tied to the GPS fleet tracking system, managers can detail when temperature changes occurred, and where they happened.

Resolving Problems Before They Become Critical: GPS fleet management alerts automatically notify fleet managers of potential problems in real-time, from engine issues to driver performance. In the case of fleet managers of reefer trucks, GPS alerts can, quite literally, save the cargo.

Custom alerts can be set for:

☑ Temperature fluctuations that fall out of a pre-specified range
☑ Power disconnection
☑ Status of reefer temperature controller
☑ Reefer container doors being opened at unauthorized location
☑ Unscheduled stops
☑ Route deviations

Alerts allow fleet managers to act on a potentially drastic situation before it can have major impacts on the product. Immediately after an alert is triggered, managers can reach out to drivers to correct the situation.

Increased Efficiency: Along with temperature sensitivity, many perishables have a limited shelf life. For this reason, efficient routing and the avoidance of traffic delay areas are of an even greater priority for refrigerated trucks than for other trucking operations.
GPS fleet tracking systems provide features that help reefers get to their destinations efficiently. The advantages include:

Route Optimization: GPS tracking technology allows routes to be planned most efficiently by including real-time data of changing road conditions and weather patterns.

Dispatchers and drivers of refrigerated trucks can see the location of school zones, traffic congestion, and road construction. This allows them to adjust their routes accordingly.

Improved Driver Performance: Better driving habits result in greater safety, productivity, and profitability. GPS fleet tracking systems allow fleet managers to monitor a variety of driver activities, coach those who need it, and reward those who exhibit exemplary driving behavior. Tracking driver performance gives transparency to:

☑ Excessive idling  ☑ Route deviations  ☑ Unauthorized use  ☑  Aggressive driving habits  ☑ Driving practices that increase fuel consumption

Driver productivity can be enhanced using GPS fleet tracking systems by pinpointing start and stop times and making sure that drivers are staying on schedule. Late-arriving behavior or extended breaks can be easily detected and dealt with.

Improved Earnings and Reduced Costs: Reduced costs are one of the major indirect benefits of GPS fleet tracking systems. Efficient routing saves on fuel, labor costs, and wear and tear on the vehicle. Optimizing routes results in fewer miles driven which also permits more jobs to be taken on and completed during a day without increasing labor or overhead. GPS tracking systems also allow refrigerated trucks to lessen certain costs associated with maintaining temperature control.

All in all, temperature sensor combination brings you real-time visibility and control of your cold chain, ensuring that cargo temperature stays within the acceptable range and alerting if any sudden changes occur. This results in minimizing temperature-related load rejections, reducing costly spoilage claims and cut redelivery costs. In other words, good for cargo, good for you.



This is a leading end-to-end solution/application for remote assets performance monitoring. ZON MAX enables signifi­cant operational cost reduction, improved customer service, and safety operations.


WebZON™ is designed to provide user access from every web browser and is accessible from all devices- PC, Mac, Tablets and more. Our Web-based application is created to provide out clients with an ease of use and flexibility.


OTOTO/iOTOTO is an intuitive application for smartphones, enabling end users to easily track and monitor their fleet or vehicle as well as get real-time alerts on the go.


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