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The TT1 - Asset Tracker is a 4G intelligent 5 years long standby GPS device for tracking. It is built for the vehicle network and supports multiple position modes including:
- Global Positioning System (GPS)
- Assisted GPS (A-GPS)
- Location-based Services (LBS)
Equipped with a powerful battery means you can comfortably and continuously keep track of your assets. When an emergency occurs, you can enter the continuous tracking and positioning mode to find your assets. This tracker has a built-in powerful magnet that ensures the device sticks firmly on the metallic surfaces of your assets. It is super easy to install, and conceal and supports a tamper-proof alarm.



TT1 - Asset Tracker Parts

Main Features

1. Position monitor
The default setting in the terminal sends one packet every 24 hours which includes information such as position status, longitude and latitude, GSM Signal Strength, GPS numbers, battery voltage, and more. This interval can be configured.

2. AGPS (Assisted GPS)
The terminal has an Assisted-GPS function. When the terminal connects to the GPRS, the AGPS is used for speeding up the position speed and improve the position accuracy

3. LBS (Location-based Services)
The default position mode is GPS. When the GPS enters a blind zone and can not position accurately, the terminal will switch to LBS which provides the reference location that is not very accurate

4. Blind zone compensation
When the terminal enters a blind zone when in sleep mode, it stores the trace data according to the preconfigured time interval and it will upload the data in the blind zone to the backend

5. Intelligent tracking function
In case your asset gets stolen or is in an emergency situation and the real-time location of the asset needs to be checked/determined, an SMS or command can be sent from the backend. When the terminal starts to work next time, it will receive this command and enter into a track mode, and upload the location data according to the preconfigured interval until a stop tracking command is received

6. Warehouse mode
The terminal can set the storage return interval, with a value range of 2880-43200 minutes. The device will upload data according to the storage return interval after setting the storage return interval. It can be woken up by disassembling the tracker and setting the return transmission interval. Set the alarm clock through the exit warehousing mode command to exit the warehousing mode.
7. Motion still detection mode
The tracker is set by default to open and wake up once in 60 minutes when it's moving and wake up once in 720 minutes when static or not moving; the return interval ranges from 5 to 43200 minutes.

When motion is detected it can be set to wake up after 1 hour (default), and turn off the G-SENSOR during sleep, that is, the device cannot be woken up by vibration;

8. Clock mode
The terminal can verify the timely wake-up time points. A maximum of 4 points can be set for the position that is more accurate and connects to the server. This function can use an SMS command or backend command to set up

9. Temperature and humidity detection
The built-in temperature and humidity sensor records the temperature and humidity first once the initialization of the tracker then it will read it every 16 seconds. The temperature precision is 0.1%, and the humidity precision is 1%.

10. Backend Specific Commands
Since the working time of the terminal is short it is rare to receive an SMS. Therefore, to ensure the command sending is efficient, the backend uses a specific command for MT06CW which can preset the command when the terminal is online.

The backend will automatically send this command to make sure the commands are properly received.

11. Battery level detect
The terminal will upload the battery level status together with the location data pack and display the battery level on the backend so you can know the balance of the battery charge at all times.


1. Strong Magnetic function
The TT1-Asset Tracker has a built-in super-strong magnet that can firmly stick to your assets' metallic surfaces making this an easy to install and conceal the device

2. Tamper alarm
The tracker has a removal button at the bottom. If the terminal is tampered with, it will enter into activate the status mode and will report the current location information. The tracker is also equipped with a highly sensitive light sensor at the bottom. If the terminal is tampered with, whether the terminal is in sleep mode or active, it will be activated and will enter into an anti-removal status and switch on the anti-removal alarm then report the alarm info to the backend or preset phone number.

3. Long standby battery
The TT1-Asset Tracker is equipped with a disposable lithium-ion battery (3.6V,5400mAh)with an ultra-low discharge rate that enables the battery to last up to 5 years.

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