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Sensors and dashcams are deployed in video telematics to provide visibility into driver behaviour, and it is frequently used as part of driver safety and risk management programs. Telematics device sensors monitor critical events such as vehicle speeding, aggressive braking, a sharp acceleration, and idle time. Dashcams capture the occurrence and make the video available to fleet managers and drivers. The most recent innovation employs artificial intelligence (AI) to assist fleet managers in obtaining a holistic picture of driver safety by transforming data points into a story that can be used to make critical business decisions.

How Does Video Telematics Work?

Video Telematics connects driver behavior data with video footage. When a driving event occurs, telematics devices send a trigger, instructing the camera to record and save the video footage leading up to, during, and after the occurrence. The high-definition videos are wirelessly and securely transferred to the cloud or saved on an mDVR device on the vehicle for real-time review via the telematics platform.

Smart Dashcam - AI Camera

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Dual Lens

Preview and record inside and outside of the vehicle
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- Identify Driving Habits
- Solution for collision prevention & mitigation
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Alarm Alerts

Harsh Acceleration / Harsh Braking / Sharp Turns
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- Built-in 4G Module
- AP mode /CPE mode
- Built-in GPS antenna

Easy To Install

These easy-to-install integrated AI dash cams which are both road and in-cab facing allow drivers and fleet managers to receive real-time alerts for risky driving, which helps to increase operational efficiency and safety.

Smart Dashcam Features

  • 1080p HD video at 30fps
  • Up to 512gb storage
  • Built-in G-sensor
  • H.265/H.264
  • Save data when you lose power
  • OBD power cable plug and play
  • Panic button
  • Built-in MIC and speaker
  • Optimized heat-sink for thermals

Technical Advantages

1. Vehicle/cargo visibility tracking based on real-time video
Not only track position, but also make a visible operation from loading to cargo discharging via camera system with smooth multi channel live preview and replay. You can now see it at any time and from any location.

2. A vehicle safety technology that is precise
The Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) can assist decrease a large number of accidents by monitoring driver behavior and detecting road hazards in real time, allowing the driver to self-correct for longer uptime and safer roads.

3. Higher fuel efficiency
Live fuel consumption monitoring is used to combat refilling fraud and fuel theft. For driver coaching, it detects and records low fuel economy behavior such as harsh driving, route deviation, or idling. Save money while lowering emissions

4. Blind zone compensation
When the terminal enters a blind zone when in sleep mode, it stores the trace data according to the preconfigured time interval and it will upload the data in the blind zone to the backend

5. Rich reports for KPI
By collecting all Fleet Operation Data to a central platform and producing smart and rich reports such as mileage, working hours, fuel report, and so on, KPIs and decision making for vehicles and drivers are simplified


We look forward to working on more initiatives in the future with partners from diverse industries to explore the development direction of the VSS industry and collaboratively create a safer world.

1. Operational costs
The More operational costs can be saved by monitoring driving behavior..

2. Complete solution
Total logistics fleet management solution that covers all the important areas.

3. Efficient reporting
Increase efficiency by processing electronic reports.

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We have more than 15 years of experience in providing Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management solutions.


We provide quality and reliable GPS hardware and software that is still affordable for the common person.

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We offer 24/7 customer care and support services to our esteemed clients to ensure they enjoy our services.

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Utrack has a well equipped Control and Monitoring centre at our Head Office in Arusha. The purpose of this centre is to better deliver our services to our clients who count on us for excellent after sales service and support. It will enable our monitoring staff make efficient follow ups whenever the need arises as they are able to view all the vehicles movements on large screens which simplify location confirmation.

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