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Idling is considered a top factor which affects fleet productivity and operational expenses (OPEX). For operations that rely heavily on mobile assets, prolonged idling times can affect their vehicle’s longevity, becoming very costly to their ongoing operation. Some drivers idle without even noticing.

As Galooli continues to innovate and strive to improve users’ experiences in our technology, we are pleased to announce that ZON MAX is receiving a NEW UPDATE. The new update rolls out; Detailed Trip Report - New Fields, Regular Expression and Report Limitations!!

We thank you for choosing Utrack Africa as your ECTS service provider. To provide you with better services, we have setup an ECTS Helpdesk dedicated to providing support to our ECTS clients.

The helpdesk will be open for extended hours to enable you access help whenever you need it. We also have a support hotline reachable 24 hours a day. Below are the services provided by the Utrack ECTS support desk:

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