Bush Tracker

For many years Tour Operators in Tanzania have been operating without Fleet Management or Vehicle Tracking Systems, we cannot blame them. The Solution did not exist initially, and then the solutions which first came into the market were not designed for tour operators but mainly for cross country transporters.

A few Tour Operators tried to use these generic solutions, but they did not work due to the fact that the solution was not delivering to the specific needs of tour operators; service and support from the service providers were poor and most of them were unavailable as they were not locally based. 

This is why UTRACK AFRICA LTD, a locally based company, in operation for more than 10 years in the region, with a dedicated team and many working solutions, decided to customize a specialized solution for Tour Operators. This solution was designed to simplify the Tour Operators’ mode of operations while at the same time enhancing it by providing them with a tool that they can use from anywhere in the World.

This solution called the “BUSH TRACKER” is the most sophisticated device for real-time fleet management and security application - all this while at the same time increasing efficiency and performance.

  • The Bush Tracker is a highly customized solution directly addressing the specific challenges of a Tour operator:
  • ☑ Over speeding on the highways and in National Parks/Game Reserves
  • ☑ Night Driving Prohibited in the Parks
  • ☑ Off Road Driving in the Parks
  • ☑ Over time on Game Viewing
  • ☑ Late Departure from designated locations
  • ☑ Late Arrival to designated locations
  • ☑ Deviation from designated routes
  • ☑ Entry into unauthorised zones
  • ☑ Exit from authorised zones
  • ☑ Unauthorized Safaris (trips)
  • ☑ Unauthorized stops
  • ☑ Trip Replays to show compliance to set schedules
  • ☑ Vehicle and Fuel Misuse
  • ☑ Reckless Driving
  • Once these challenges are addressed, the tour operator is guaranteed to make savings on: Fuel, Maintenance & Repair and Operational Expenses 
  • ☑ Enjoy quicker return on investment (ROI) and better profits
  • ☑ Enjoy greater productivity and growth
  • ☑ Avoid unnecessary mileage reducing depreciation rate and prolonging vehicle life cycle
  • ☑ Enhance road safety therefore saving lives
  • ☑ Enjoy a solid reputation and improved social image; this always leads to increased business opportunities
  • ☑ Enhance security for the vehicle and its occupants
  • ☑ Reduce response time to emergencies due to
  • ☑ GPS location accuracy


Designed for harsh and rugged African conditions, the actual device is compact (21h x 60w x107lmm), does not have any external GPS or GPRS ANTENNA – they are all inbuilt, it comes with an internal memory card, inbuilt Lithium–ion backup battery & weighs only 150 grams! It is also very attractively priced over what the competition has to offer.

The system is programmed to provide updates on a near real time basis as they occur on the ground. The net effect is that the Bush Tracker puts you fully in control.

Utrack Africa has put in every effort to make the Bush Tracker a complete SOLUTION and it is one solution that not only comes with GOOGLE MAPS but also with DIGITAL VECTOR MAPS on which we have collected the unique POINTS OF INTEREST ourselves such as Park Gates, Lodges, Hotels, and other notable land marks both inside and outside the parks. This is set in such a way that when you view the maps or when you get an alert the system states the exact location of your vehicle.

This solution features the functionality to remotely disable the vehicle which is veryuseful in the event of an emergency or theft. In the unfortunate event of theft, Utrack will assist further by remotely guiding law enforcement authorities to the location of the immobilized vehicle. This feature can also be used where the Tour Operator suspects unauthorised misuse of the vehicle.

Periodic mileage based updates can be sent to a preferred email address. This enables the tour operator identify and remember when the vehicle is due for service or routine maintenance.

Violation alerts are sent via email directly to the Operator complete with vehicle registration details, time and exact location (GPS Co-ordinates plus nearest Point of interest). The types of violations include Over Speeding, Night Driving, Entry into Unauthorised Zones, Tamper and many others.

This is a solution that can be used from anywhere in the world on your smart phone, laptop, notebook or Ipad (tablet) as long as you have an internet connection. You will not require the inconvenient installation of software which ties you down to your office or the computer with the software.

This is a solution that can be used from anywhere in the world on your smart phone, laptop, notebook or Ipad (tablet) as long as you have an internet connection. You will not require the inconvenient installation of software which ties you down to your office or the computer with the software.

This feature enables the driver to notify the Tour Operator of an emergency or the need of assistance. It greatly enhances passenger and driver safety and reduces response time as ahigh priority email will be sent to your preferred email address in real time.

Utrack solutions enables the user to choose between various number of driver identification methods. (Dallas, RFID Cards, Numeric Keypard etc.) The driver identification enables to eliminate unauthorised car use by connecting one of the above methods to the immobilizer. Moreover, the driver identification feature can be used to manage the drivers profile.

Managers can mobilize and immobilize the vehicle remotely using Utrack Software or via direct SMS command.Utrack driver behavior summary provides information on drivers performances over the course of the desired time period. Thus fleet managers can take action with the information provided to enhance their business productivity and safety of the vehicles.

Fleet Management can improve customers’ satisfaction and grant companies efficiency by monitoring severe safety and misuse events. Maintenance alerts are optimized according to the clients requirements and assist in scheduling neccessary repair works. Such information can also be used by customers to shop for an optimized service in terms of location, duration and cost.

This is a Provision to create a virtual fence on the map which marks out either an authorised area or an unauthorised one. Violations can then be set on the system based on the zones that have been created to either raise alarm when the vehicle enters or departs from such a zone depending on the parameters set which could be time or location based. These zones could be the National parks or Game reserves where the Tour vehicles are scheduled to go to

UTRACK’s sophiscated fuel algorithm provided real fuel level data and not statistical calculations based on mileage. The fuel activity reports provide a comprehensive breakdown of fuel cycle; consumption rate, refueling, fuel drop events and general fuel trends. It detects irregular fuel activity and provide reports in order to stop fraud and unauthorized behaviour. Thus, fuel theft and fraud can easily be detected and alerted.

Utrack’s platform enables the user to get the engine diagnostics information from various sources. (FMS, ELM 327, OBDII, CAN-bus) This data enables the user to see the current status of the engine parameters (such as oil temperature coolant temperature, engine load and etc.) as well ass recognising trends, thus it enables preventive maintaenance and alerts upon abnormal engine performance.

Other Cutting-edge Features:

  • ☑ Over-The-Air Remote Device Programming
  • ☑ Accuracy of Up to 10 metres
  • ☑ Main power voltage e.t.c
  • ☑ Ignition Status
  • ☑ Minimal Power Consumption - Ensures vehicle battery does not get drained since unit consumes very little amount of power

UTrack provides the world’s most sophisticated GPS fleet management solutions that help organizations develop company wide management policies to improve driver behavior, enhance driver safety, and on-road productivity.

  • Why choose UTRACK’S BUSH TRACKER solution?
  • ☑ Experience - more than 7 years in Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking with almost 4,000 active units deployed on the road
  • ☑ We understand the daily challenges of the Fleet Owner / Operator
  • ☑ Dedicated After Sales Service
  • ☑ Cost effective solutions giving best value for
  • money
  • ☑ Dedicated Customer Care department
  • ☑ Utrack Solutions are widely Tested and
  • ☑ Control and Monitoring Centre
  • ☑ Wide range of products

Control & Monitoring Centre:

Utrack has a well equipped Control and Monitoring centre at our Head Office in Arusha. The purpose of this centre is to better deliver our services to our clients who count on us for excellent after sales service and support. It will enable our monitoring staff make efficient follow ups whenever the need arises as they are able to view all the vehicles movements on large screens which simplify location confirmation.


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