The Messenger

THE MESSENGER is a sophisticated, Internet-based tracking solution designed to protect you and your family, not just your vehicle. This solution is part of our drive towards a safer East Africa. The Messenger allows you to personally track a vehicle or fleet of vehicles in near real time by simply logging on to the Internet. 

The precise whereabouts of your loved ones will always be a couple of clicks away. In cases of an emergency, you can call our Secure Operating Centre where you will be assisted by a professional controller and For roadside or medical assistance press your assist button.


Real Time Tracking: System is capable of providing updates in Real Time as events occur. The reporting rate is adjustable.

Detailed Maps: User has a choice between vehicle on Google Maps or Digital Vector Maps with clear detail.

Inbuilt Memory: Stores data collected when the vehicle is in an area without GSM/GPRS coverage. When back in GSM covered zone, the unit downloads all data collected in the Memory to the server so reports generated are complete showing every location the Vehicle travelled.

Alerts: A violation of any user defined parameters in the system can be set to generate an alert to the Fleet Owner/Manager warning him of violations as they happen in real time. E.g. over speeding, harsh braking, reckless driving, geo-fence entry/exit.

Vehicle History Report with Trip Replay: Recreate the movement of the vehicle on detailed maps to display exactly where the vehicle has travelled and route taken.

Work Hours: Identify how many hours the engine has been running and driver has been at work. This enables transparency in dealing with overtime issues, vehicle usage outside work hours etc.

Back up Battery: This ensures continuous visibility since the tracking unit continues transmitting even if the vehicles main battery/power supply is terminated.

Geographical Fencing (Geofencing) /Zone Management: Monitoring of entry and exit of user defined geographical zones. If the driver violates the set instructions or boundaries, an alert is generated by the system.

Trip Start/Stop: Identify all unauthorized stops and breaks made. Confirm all scheduled drop off points have been visited. This feature can also be used to reconcile revenue when applied in Taxis or Public Service Commuter vehicles.

Mileage: System has the feature to report on Distance travelled by each vehicle, a feature that is very important in reconciling scheduled tasks against actual tasks achieved and distance covered. This feature assists the owner manage his Fleets fuel consumption and other associated expenses.

Speed Monitoring: Provides insight to speeds attained during trips. Helps identify reckless drivers.

Scheduled Reports: Receive emailed reports every day at a specific time of your choosing, automatically delivered directly into your email inbox.

Minimal Power Consumption: Intelligent inbuilt power management modules ensure the vehicle battery does not get drained since unit consumes very little amount of power and minimizes requirements when there is no activity or vehicle is switched off.

Tamper Detection: The device has an in-built tamper alert system that notifies the user on a real time basis, when there has been a disconnection from the vehicle main power supply.

Online System: Fully web based secure and user friendly system. This means the user can track the fleet from anywhere as long as he has an internet connection.

Immobilizer: Ability to stop the vehicle remotely in the event of an emergency or theft


Wialon software is a cloud-based, SaaS and server-based multifunctional fleet management platform that can also be used for mobile & stationary assets tracking. The software system supports various cartographic services that are used in monitoring including Open Street Maps, Google Maps, HERE Maps, and more.

Wialon is an intuitive application for smartphones (iOS & Android), enabling end users to easily track and monitor their fleet or vehicle as well as get real-time alerts on the go.