Utrack Secure

Demand for Asset Finance services has grown significantly over the last 12 months and is closely tied to economic activity and the level of interest rates.

The profitability of individual banks largely depends on:

  • ☑ Marketing Skills,
  • ☑ Efficient Operations, and
  • ☑ Sound Risk Management

With the increased demand for Financing comes a corresponding increase in Lending risk through elevated default rates.

With a good Risk Management System - Asset Finance has the potential to become a major income earner for any Bank.

Utrack has developed a solution to assist Banks to increase their market share and profitability while controlling their risk in the lucrative Asset Financing Business.

It is after extensive research that Utrack identified this perfect product/service mix that delivers the perfect solution to the Banks' dilemma of controlling risk and a growing default rate on repayment.

Utrack will use its strength in the Fleet Management industry and the advantages that its services offer to increase the Bank's competitiveness and achieve growth in the lending sector.


  • ☑ GPS Time, distance and speed monitoring
  •  Ignition monitoring 
  •  Engine immobilization 
  •     Remotely from Application 
  •  Openings monitoring & control 
  •  Virtual fencing (point, polygon, route) 
  • ☑ SVRA – Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance (Control Room Remotely Support)
  • ☑ Common Events
  •     Over Speed
  •     Panic Button
  •     Immobilizer On/Off
  • ☑ Power Control
  •     Power External Battery Low
  •     Power Disconnected/Reconnected
  •     Low Backup Battery
  • ☑ Location Evennts
  •     Geofence Enter/Leave
  •     Location Request by User
  • ☑ Automatic alerts to back office, mobile phones and emails
  • ☑ Event Reports
  • ☑ Daily automatic scheduled reports sent to email


  • ☑ Business continuity/revenue protection-preservation
  •  Increase operational uptime
  • ☑ Maintain uptime of mission critical equipment
  • ☑ Operational Expenses (OPEX)
  • ☑ Save on unnecessary and false refueling/maintenance
  • ☑ Maintain equipment and peripherals in optimal condition
  • ☑ Early and rapid detection to support reaction to remote events
  • ☑ Early warning of equipment operational deviations- reprioritize preventative maintenance across the fleet
  • ☑ Reduce fuel consumption
  • ☑ Detect and monitor fuel “shrinkage” and fuel invoice errors
  • ☑ Assist in stolen vehicle recovery
  • ☑ Assist drivers in stress
  • ☑ Monitor, manage and maintain equipment to increase its life cycle.